Want to beat the heat? Take a spin at logrolling... and cool off with a splash! A team of professional lumberjacks based in Minnesota will be performing at 4thFest, and you're invited to join the fun!

Come cheer on the red team or the blue team as professional lumberjacks compete in 11 different events against each other in this fast paced entertainment. See everything from axes, modified racing chainsaws, water events, and cross cut saws and chainsaw carving giveaways. The 30 minute "lumberjack shows" are scheduled for 4:30pm, 6:00pm and 7:30pm. Each show offers different events so come back and see all three shows. After every show, a lumberjack will offer free autographs/souvenirs for the kids.

Following each show will be a 30 minute activity called the "lumberjack camp". This portion of the entertainment is for you to try. Some invited guests and audience members (kids, parents, grandparents) will get a chance to try some lumberjacking of their own. We expect that logrolling on a hot July 4th will be the most requested activity during the camps. Bring a change of clothes and with the help of the professional lumberjacks, try your hand at this challenging skill.

If you're looking for family friendly entertainment, this is the way to go!

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