If you want the VIP Fireworks Viewing experience, a special viewing area is reserved on the east side of Porter Road for VIP Viewing Pass holders. In the Special VIP Viewing area you will enjoy a number of brand new ground based effects that the construction team has been designing and constructing for the past few months. These rather large special designs are worth the cost of the VIP Viewing ticket by themselves. These set pieces are created to go off and remain lighted closer to ground level, creating a graphic sometimes moving image with fireworks.

One of the returning features for 2017 will be the wonderful sound system in the fireworks VIP Viewing area. The sound system combined with the pyrotechnics provides a rock concert like experience for the people sitting within this viewing area.

TIP: If you have ever wanted to get the up close experience of VIP viewing, consider purchasing VIP Viewing tickets for this year. Over 4,800 people enjoyed the fireworks from this vantage point in 2015. The planning team is working to provide the VIP viewing area the best possible head on view of the fireworks. We constantly hear that people who view the show from the VIP Viewing area are looking forward to seeing the show from this same vantage point the following year. When the evening is over you should be very happy that you enjoyed the show from this preferred viewing area. This is truly entertainment at its best.

VIP Viewing Passes

Individual Passes
VIP Viewing Pass $25
VIP Parking Pass $25
RV Parking Pass $50
2x1 Package: $70.00

2 VIP Viewing Passes


1 VIP Parking Pass

4x1 Package: $100.00

4 VIP Viewing Passes


1 VIP Parking Pass

VIP Viewing passes are available to the general public and can be purchased…

Advance Sales

Location Cash Check Credit Card
RedLine Speed Shine (N and S Atherton St., Shiloh Rd)
Mail Order (Download mail order form)

Day of Event

Location Cash Check Credit Card
4thFest Info Booth (on grounds 2:00pm-8:30pm)

VIP Parking lot entrances (9:00am-9:00pm)

VIP Viewing area entrance gate (5:00pm-9:00pm)


The VIP Viewing area is located on the east side of Porter Road behind the Visitors Center and Medlar Field. More than 5,300 people watched the fireworks show and special ground effects from this up close special vantage point last year. We are expecting a larger crowd to watch the combined concert and fireworks show this year.

The upper portion of the VIP Viewing area will be open all afternoon to hear local band performing on the Independence Stage. The remainder of the VIP Viewing area will open at 5:00PM. The VIP Viewing area can be accessed through the entrance gates situated 150 yards off the east side of Porter Road behind the PSU meat sales office. Follow the directional signs.

Please note:

  1. Alcohol, fireworks and pets are not permitted within the VIP Viewing area.
  2. Children 4 and under accompanied by an adult with a VIP Viewing pass may enter the Viewing area for free.
  3. It has been recommended that ear protection be provided for infants and very young children.