The Fireworks

Every year, Central PA 4th Fest develops a spectacular fireworks display to celebrate the birth of our country. 4th Fest’s fireworks show has been rated among the top five “Largest”, “Biggest”, and “Best 4th of July Fireworks” shows in the United States by various news publications and travel blogs.

The all volunteer pyrotechnics team has creates a unique, memorable show each summer, choreographed to music played on local radio station 93.7, The Bus. Planning for each show begins the prior fall, when the team selects from traditional patriotic songs, movie, TV, and show tunes, as well as popular selections played by big bands, jazz bands, rock bands, military bands, choirs, and orchestras and carefully matches them to the colorful explosions.

Each 4th Fest fireworks display includes 130-170 different shells with between 10,000–12,000 shells set off over the course of the 45-minute show. And don’t forget—you can always count on a BIG ending during the 4th Fest fireworks finale, which features a whopping average of 50 shells per second!

There is no cost to enjoy the spectacular 4thFest fireworks display, but those looking for the best seats in the house can purchase VIP Viewing and/or Parking passes here.

VIP Viewing Experience

If you want the VIP Fireworks Viewing experience, a special viewing area is reserved on the east side of Porter Road for VIP Viewing Pass holders. In the Special VIP Viewing area you will enjoy a number of brand new ground based effects that the construction team has been designing and constructing for the past few months. These rather large special designs are worth the cost of the VIP Viewing ticket by themselves. These set pieces are created to go off and remain lighted closer to ground level, creating a graphic sometimes moving image with fireworks.

One of the returning features for 2016 will be the wonderful sound system in the fireworks VIP Viewing area. The sound system combined with the pyrotechnics provides a rock concert like experience for the people sitting within this viewing area.

TIP: If you have ever wanted to get the up close experience of VIP viewing, consider purchasing VIP Viewing tickets for this year. Over 4,800 people enjoyed the fireworks from this vantage point in 2015. The planning team is working to provide the VIP viewing area the best possible head on view of the fireworks. We constantly hear that people who view the show from the VIP Viewing area are looking forward to seeing the show from this same vantage point the following year. When the evening is over you should be very happy that you enjoyed the show from this preferred viewing area. This is truly entertainment at its best.

4thFest Fireworks Shows

Video by: HappyMario64


Video by: scubalabpsu

Fireworks Musical Scores


Song Title Show/Movie/Artist Start Time Length
Show End Time:  


Song Title Show/Movie/Artist Start Time Length
Show End Time:  


Song Title Show/Movie/Artist Start Time Length
Everything Is Awesome The LEGO Movie Soundtrack 9:15:00pm 1:44
Star Spangled Banner 16:44 1:21
Retreat US Marine Band 18:15 0:24
To The Colors US Marine Band 18:29 0:39
Heroes Michael W. Smith 19:09 4:50
Let It Go Frozen Soundtrack 23:59 3:42
Patriotic Medley Kelly Ford 27:41 5:15
Dragon Racing How to Train Your Dragon 2 Soundtrack 32:56 4:32
Saturday Night Bay City Rollers 37:28 2:55
Nadia’s Theme Theme from The Young and the Restless 40:23 3:41
Yankee Doodle/Battle Hymn Same Levine 44:04 3:35
Happy Pharrell Williams 47:39 2:14
The Stars and Stripes Forever John Phillip Sousa 49:53 3:33
The Call of the Champions John Williams 53:26 4:54
Overture from Dead Winter Dead Savatage 58:20 1:46
Show End Time: 10:00:06 pm  


Song Title Show/Movie/Artist Start Time Length
Main Title Monsters University 9:15:00pm 1:06
Star Spangled Banner 16:06 1:18
Retreat US Marine Band 17:24 0:24
To The Colors US Marine Band 17:48 0:39
Ragged Old Flag (edited) Johnny Cash 18:27 4:33
America, The Dream Goes On The Navy Band and Sea Chanters Choir 23:00 3:25
Hot Hot hot Arro 26:25 3:17
A Very Respectable Hobbit The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 30:02 1:22
Close Your Eyes Michael Buble 31:24 3:30
Planes Planes Soundtrack 34:54 2:34
Four Cohan Songs US Air Force Concert Band 37:28 2:47
Surf’s Up Surf’s Up Soundtrack 40:15 2:58
National Emblem March Boston Pops 43:13 2:51
The Croods Family Theme The Croods Soundtrack 46:04 3:03
Dream of Fireflies Trans-Siberian Orchestra 49:07 2:29
Firework Katy Perry 51:36 3:49
Iron Man 3 Iron Man 3 Soundtrack 55:25 2:20
Rise to the Avenger Brand X Music 57:45 1:37
Show End Time: 9:59:22pm  


Song Title Show/Movie/Artist Start Time Length
Star Spangled Banner
Retreat US Marine Band 17:16 0:24
To The Colors US Marine Band 17:40 0:39
Gettysburg Address/Main Theme City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra 18:19 5:30
Armed Forces Medley Don Marsh Orchestra 23:49 4:02
Dynamite China Ann McClain (A.N.T. Farm) 27:51 2:42
Tequila The Champs 30:33 2:12
Angry Birds: Main Theme London Philharmonic Orchestra 35:59 3:03
Dixie’s Land US Military Academy Band 39:02 1:15
Shoop Shoop (It’s in his kiss) Cher 40:17 2:48
We Are America The Drew Jackson Project 43:05 3:40
Knights March King Arthur Soundtrack 46:45 2:06
It’s America Rodney Atkins 48:51 3:31
Patriotic Medley 52:22 2:52
Battle Hymm Mormon Tabernacle Choir 55:15 3:04
Main Theme 633 Squadron 58:19 1:48
Show End and Total Run Time: 10:00:07pm 45:07


Song Title Show/Movie/Artist Start Time Length
Captain America Captain America and The First Avenger Soundtrack 9:15:00pm 1:20
Star Spangled Banner US Navy Band & Sea Chanters Choir 16:20 1:20
Retreat US Marine Band 17:40 0:25
To The Colors US Marine Band 18:05 0:40
Declaration of Independence 18:45 5:51
The Magnificent Seven City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra 24:36 1:35
Patriots Song Medley US Air Force Heritage of America Band 26:11 2:33
Go Daddy O (edited) Big Bad Voodoo Daddy 28:44 1:39
O, America Celtic Women 30:23 3:47
The Great Defenders Lee Greenwood 34:10 2:46
Mambo No. 5 (edited) Lou Bega 36:56 2:34
Made In America Toby Keith 39:30 3:14
At Last Etta James 42:44 3:02
Stars & Stripes Medley Don Marsh Orchestra & Singers 45:46 2:40
1812 Overture Grand Finale Tchaikovsky 48:26 3:41
This is My Country US Army Band and Chorus 52:07 2:38
Here We Go The Fresh Beat Band 54:45 1:53
Requiem for a Dream Clint Mansell 56:38 1:48
Fireworks Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix Soundtrack 58:26 1:44
Show End and Total Run Time: 10:00:10pm 45:10


Song Title Show/Movie/Artist Start Time Length
Heroic Fanfare US Army Band 9:15:00pm 1:06
Star Spangled Banner US Navy Band & Sea Chanters Choir 16:06 1:38
Retreat US Marine Band 17:44 0:25
To The Colors US Marine Band 18:09 0:40
Band of Brothers Suite Two London Metropolitan Orchestra 18:49 5:23
Liberty For All (edited) US Coast Guard Band 24:12 3:29
Johnny Be Goode Chuck Berry 27:41 2:40
Hero Mariah Carey 30:21 4:18
Mischief Managed Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 34:39 2:13
Liberty Bell March US Armed Forces Symphony Orchestra 36:52 3:31
The Spectrum Song Walt Disney Wonderful World of Color 40:23 1:39
Somewhere Out There Linda Rondstat/Peter Ingram 42:02 3:59
Footloose Kenny Loggins 46:01 3:48
When the Saints Go Marching In New Orleans Jazz Music 49:49 1:30
Beethoven (edited) Trans Siberian Orchestra 51:19 2:54
An American Symphony Mr. Holland’s Opus Motion Picture 54:13 3:06
I Am Iron Man Iron Man Motion Picture 57:19 1:31
Show End and Total Run Time: 9:58:50pm 43:50


Song Title Show/Movie/Artist Start Time Length
JAG Theme JAG TV Series 9:15:00 1:02
Star Spangled Banner US Navy Band & Sea Chanters Choir 9:16:02 1:20
Retreat US Army Band 9:17:22 0:24
Taps American Military Band 9:17:46 1:00
Battle Hymn of the Republic US Army Band 9:18:46 5:17
Soul Man Blues Brothers 9:24:03 3:13
James Bond Theme Dr. No Soundtrack 9:27:16 3:11
Overture to In the Wake of the Wind (edited) David Arkenstone 9:30:27 2:10
Rock Around the Clock Bill Haley and his Comets 9:32:37 2:11
Gitchee Gitchee Gitchee Goo Phineas and the Ferbtones (Disney Channel) 9:34:48 1:58
America Neil Diamond 9:36:46 3:10
American Patrol Glenn Miller 9:39:56 3:37
My Country Tis of Thee Smooth Jazz Allstars 9:43:33 2:43
A Hero for Today US Army Band & Chorus 9:46:16 3:34
Days of America Blackhawk 9:49:50 3:00
Unchained Melody The Righteous Brothers 9:52:50 3:37
The Derby (edited) Randy Newman 9:56:27 1:49
Carnival Overture Opus 92 (edited) 9:58:16 1:26
Show Run Time: 44:42


Song Title Show/Movie/Artist Start Time Length
Main Title Stargate SG-1 Stargate SG-1 TV Series Soundtrack 9:15:00 1:00
Star Spangled Banner United States Air Force Band 9:16:00 1:29
Retreat United States Army Band 9:17:29 0:24
Taps American Military Band 9:17:53 1:00
Hymn to the Fallen Saving Private Ryan Film Soundtrack 9:18:53 5:06
2001: A Space Odyssey (edited) 2001: A Space Odyssey Film Soundtrack 9:23:59 1:29
Last Starfighter Theme Last Starfighter Film Soundtrack 9:25:28 3:14
Stars and Stripes Forever Detroit Symphony Orchestra 9:28:42 3:16
Around the World in 80 Days The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra 9:31:58 3:22
Circle of Life The Lion King Film Soundtrack 9:35:20 2:31
Alexander’s Ragtime Band 9:37:51 2:38
Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Fly Aaron Tippin 9:40:29 3:46
The High and the Mighty Suite The London Symphony 9:44:15 3:28
Cotton Eye Joe Vanessa Mae 9:47:43 2:26
Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End Film Soundtrack 9:50:09 2:17
Lollipop 9:52:26 2:10
Mission Impossible Theme Mission Impossible Film Soundtrack 9:54:36 2:38
When the Saints go Marchin’ In 9:57:14 1:29
Main Title Star Wars: The Clone Wars 9:58:43 1:11
Show Run Time: 44 min 54 sec


Song Title Show/Movie/Artist Start Time Length
Sweet Land of Liberty (edited) PSU Blue Band 9:15:00 1:00
Star Spangled Banner Washington Men’s Camerata 9:16:00 1:21
Retreat US Army Band 9:17:21 0:24
Taps US Air Force Academy Cadets 9:17:45 0:39
When Johnny Comes Marchin’ Home US Military Academy Band 9:18:24 2:09
American Overture US Army Band 9:20:33 2:48
Surfin’ USA Beach Boys 9:23:21 2:28
American Medley (edited) The Gramercy Brass 9:25:49 2:14
Stardust (edited) Sleepless in Seattle Motion Picture 9:28:03 2:35
Hoedown Leonhard Bernstein 9:30:38 2:55
Armed Forces Medley US Army Field Band 9:33:33 3:29
Downdraft Twister Motion Picture 9:37:02 1:50
Sing, Sing, Sing Count Basie Orchestra 9:38:52 2:26
The Heart of America (edited) Michael Shotton and the World Peace Choir 9:41:18 2:37
Great Balls of Fire Jerry Lee Lewis 9:43:55 1:54
Olympic Spirit John Williams 9:45:49 2:15
Wizards of Winter Trans-Siberian Orchestra 9:48:04 3:04
Jurassic Park Theme (edited) Jurassic Park Motion Picture 9:51:08 2:40
Final Countdown Final Countdown Motion Picture 9:53:48 2:08
Summon the Heroes (edited) US Army Concert Band 9:55:56 1:54
Music for Celebration (edited) The Music for Celebrations Orchestra 9:57:50 1:37
Show Run Time: 44:27


Song Title Show/Movie/Artist Start Time Length
Gettysburg Main Title Gettysburg 9:15pm 1:38
Star Spangled Banner Washington Men’s Camerata 9:16:38 1:21
Retreat US Army Band 9:17:59 0:24
Taps US Air Force Academy Cadets 9:18:23 0:47
My Country Tis of Thee Don Marsh Orchestra & Singers 9:19:10 1:36
Everything’s coming up Roses Gypsy 9:20:46 2:02
Cartoon Medley
  • Muppet Show
  • Flintstones
  • Jetsons
  • Scooby Doo
  • Merrie Melodies
9:22:48 3:54
Blue Suede Shoes Elvis 9:26:42 2:02
Armed Forces Medley US Army Field Band 9:28:44 3:27
In the Mood Glenn Miller 9:32:11 3:34
I Dreamed a Dream Les Miserables 9:35:45 2:43
Rhapsody in Blue George Gershwin 9:38:28 2:09
Linus and Lucy Charlie Brown 9:40:37 3:05
Ever After Ever After Motion Picture 9:43:43 2:12
America the BeautifulMormon Tabernacle Choir9:45:54 3:34
1812 Overture Philharmonic Symphony of London 9:49:28 2:20
Batman Theme Reprise Batman: Original Motion Picture 9:51:48 1:21
Stars & Stripes Medley 9:53:09 2:42
Summon the Heroes US Army Concert Band 9:55:51 1:53
Back to the Future Back to the Future Motion Picture 9:57:44 1:48
Show Run Time: 44:32


Song Title Show/Movie/Artist Start Time Length
Theme Twentieth Century Fox 9:20:00 0:21
Welcome 9:20:21 0:15
Star Spangled Banner 9:20:36 1:24
American Red Cross March US Air Force Concert Band 9:22:00 2:11
The Music of the Night Phantom of the Opera 9:24:11 2:07
Round and Round Perry Como 9:26:18 2:34
Bandstand Boogie Les Elgart Orchestra 9:28:52 2:03
Medley Dances with Wolves 9:30:55 2:27
America Neil Diamond 9:33:22 3:09
This is My Country Chiz Rider 9:36:31 2:01
What a Wonderful World Kenny G & Louis Armstrong 9:38:32 3:00
Stars and Stripes Forever US Marine Band 9:41:32 3:33
Tara’s Theme Gone with the Wind 9:45:05 3:31
Flight of the Bumblebee Rimsky-Korsakov 9:48:36 1:30
Armed Forces Medley US Air Force Concert Band 9:50:06 3:08
Theme Raiders of the Lost Ark 9:53:14 3:05
Summon the Heroes US Army Concert Band 9:56:19 1:53
Ending Credits Independence Day 9:58:12 1:26
Show Run Time: 39:38


Song Title Show/Movie/Artist Start Time Length
Theme from “The West Wing” W.G. Snuffy Walden 00:15 01:23
Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head B.J. Thomas 01:38 00:40
Here Comes the Sun Beatles 02:18 00:49
Sousa Medley PSU Blue Band 03:07 02:22
Turkey in the Straw US Air Force Strings 05:29 01:38
Theme from “Beauty and the Beast” Alan Menken 07:07 02:25
Theme from “Superman” John Williams 09:32 02:59
Splish Splash Bobby Darin 12:31 02:04
Bugle Call Rag Glenn Miller 14:35 02:37
You’re a Grand Old Flag Mormon Tabernacle Choir 17:12 02:31
God Bless America USAF Band & Singing Sergeants 19:43 02:02
Pink Panther Theme Henry Mancini 21:45 02:02
When You Wish Upon a Star Cliff Edwards 23:47 03:13
A Taste of Honey Herb Albert 27:00 02:43
Theme from “Battlestar Galactica” Stu Phillips 29:43 02:51
American Salute US Army Band & Chorus 32:34 01:57
Summon the Heroes John Williams 34:31 01:53
Battle Hymn of the Republic Mormon Tabernacle Choir 36:24 01:16
William Tell Overture 37:40 01:56
Show Run Time: 39:21