What is a hero?

For the purpose of this nomination, a hero must meet one or more of the conditions below. A hero is someone of any age in the Central Pennsylvania who, through character and/or courage, is a role model and has provided support or service and helped one or more other people.

Here are some examples:

  • Sacrificed or put at risk “life or limb” in performance of his or her efforts – this can, for example, include military service personnel, police, firemen, etc.
  • Provided a service that has helped one or more people – this can, for example, include doctors, teachers, members of a service group like Kiwanis or the Rotary, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.
  • Given direction and support to others at his or her own expense – this can, for example, include family members and friends but the expense must be of time and effort; financial support or contributions alone do not make a “hero.”

If you know someone who fits this description, meets the qualifications and deserves recognition, please nominate this person. If selected, the hero and their nominator are invited to attend a ceremony held on July 4, 2018. Following the ceremony, the heroes are the guest of honor in the 4th Fest’s Independence Day Parade.

Nomination Deadline is: June 8, 2018

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