Flag RaisingThe Centre County Community Foundation is honored to announce the “The Proud to be an American Fund.” This fund was created by Paul H. Silvis, founder of Restek Corporation, to assist non-profit organizations that sponsor patriotic observances.

Three holidays mark the beginning, middle and end of America’s summer months.

  • Memorial Day – We celebrate being an American at Memorial Day and are grateful for those who fought for our freedom.
  • Independence Day – To celebrate our nation’s birth, we get a ‘bang’ with our famous Central Pennsylvania 4thFest on July 4. July 4th is a time where regardless of your nationality, religion, or political affiliation, we come together as Americans to celebrate the birthday of our freedom.
  • Labor Day – We close the summer by celebrating our hard work during Labor Day festivities, as well as at the Grange Fair encampment!

Celebration is an important part of being an American. We celebrate so much in our daily lives: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, births. Celebrating our American heritage binds us together regardless of political affiliation, religious preference, or ethnic background. When we celebrate patriotic holidays with friends and families, we focus on our many blessings rather than the issues that divide us.

“The Proud to be an American Fund” is a perfect way to ‘wave your flag’ and support our hometown celebrations, parades and community events. These could include, among others:

  1. The family-oriented 4thFest celebration.
  2. Community events/fairs surrounding patriotic holidays.
  3. Homecoming and celebration parades.
  4. Education about our country’s freedom and history.

The Centre County Community Foundation has been a proud sponsor of the 4thFest event and we would like to encourage more support by helping to build this important fund.

Let’s take this opportunity to show our patriotic pride so we can enhance our local heritage in Centre County. Consider making a donation to this fund to honor who we are as a nation, and to help us celebrate all we are and can be. Donations may be directed to the Centre County Community Foundation at P.O. Box 648, State College, PA. 16804-0648. For more information, call the Foundation at (814) 237-6229.